Velence 2024

The First Coffee Break Conference of Aesthetics Velence, Hungary, 2-5 May, 2024 (Thursday-Sunday) Leading theme: Trying Out New Paths in Aesthetics   Welcome to the first  Coffee Break Conference of Aesthetics ! Do you remember that highly inspiring discussion you were having with a fellow speaker in one of the last conferences you participated in about his/her paper, when the organisers suddenly reminded you of the end of the coffee break, and you had to rush back to listen to the next speaker? Do you remember the exhausting days of the conference that are fully packed with presentations, with barely any time to have more leisurely chats with other participants (except if you skip an otherwise surely interesting talk, hence causing dilemmas and bad conscience...). Do you remember how refreshing it is when in a conference you have excursions, city visits, common dinners, or even hiking? And finally, do you remember how much we all missed, during Corona-times and zoom-conferences,